Training and Obedience Classes

Dog Training and Obedience Classes in Fort Myers

Welcome to our Dog Training page at Busters Happy Tails where our goal is to provide the best dog training and obedience classes in Fort Myers Florida.
Call today to schedule a private dog training or to join one of our group training classes: (239) 362-0833
Dog Training
Whether you need small dog training or large dog training, puppy training or mature dog training, we can help! Most dog owners seek a well-behaved dog that listens, but this is not always the case. Our trainer will work at your house or you can join one of our training classes at our facility. Below you will find some of the services we offer:

Puppy Training (6-Week Class)

Personal Training Camp (30-Min. session)

Basic Obedience (6-Week Class)

In-Home Training (2- 3- or 4 Week Sessions)

Intermediate Training (6-Week Class)

Training Camp


Eric Stein is one of our Trainers at Busters Happy Tails, Inc. He is responsible for Private In-Home Training and Group Classes. Eric specializes in basic obedience & has been a trainer for 6 years. He has two basic principles, “Everything starts with the walk”, and “Control the energy, control the dog”. Eric believes in teaching the dog to be a well behaved member of the family. He has always been a dog lover but also has a granddaughter that shares his heart.

Call today to schedule a private dog training or to join one of our training camps: (239) 362-0833

Dogs love our friendly staff and our state of the art facility with multiple pools and playgrounds: